Ready to finally conquer that new student automated welcome email series — but don't know how?


This product is going to help YOU, the busy studio owner, quickly achieve the content (words & design) for YOUR new student on boarding welcome series automation in about 30 minutes or less - so that YOU can get back to marketing and growing your studio and most importantly BOOSTING enrolment. 


Finally, Get. It. Done.

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Now is the Time!

Not only am I’m sharing what I know works in my own dance studio… But I have also successfully implemented this SAME email series into other dance studio businesses who are a part of my "Total Tech Takeover Program".

This product is about selecting one little piece of your business and mastering it.

An email series allows you to not only effortlessly onboard new students, but UPSELL each registration and ultimately MAKE MORE MONEY!  

After all, isn't that we all want for our dance studio businesses?

I bet you have been thinking about this specific system for a long time - and it's time to finally do something about it.

It’ll only take you 30 minutes to implement, if you start right now. 😉

After helping many studios with this one tiny task that packs a big punch, I have decided that I want to help you, too!

Are you ready to finally conquer your new student automated welcome email series?

(Um, OF COURSE you are!)

Get. It. Done.

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Miss Amanda

Hi, I’m Miss Amanda!

I’m a dance studio owner and business strategist. I work with dance studio owners like you in countries across the world, helping them build, market, and scale their studios through digital & print marketing.

But what I am most proud of is helping studio owners implement effortless business systems and ultimately increase their feelings of joy, confidence and ease throughout their lives, both IN & OUT of the studio. 

I created this 13 email automation system for my own studio, shared it with my Total Tech clients and, after proving it's success, it was time to share it with you too! 

And let's be real: The paper handouts, newsletters and endless phone calls just don't cut it.

Not only that it's laborious, time consuming and exhausting, manual tasks are robbing you of your valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. 

Basically, we could all use a quick WIN right now, and we could all benefit from a strategy that gets some of our valuable time back, saves our sanity and offers consistency that only AUTOMATION can provide. 

So, I asked myself two questions: 

“How can I help studio owners simplify their lives and how can I help them create more money per registered student right from the start… especially right now, when so many studio owners need it the most?"

I decide to start with this simple, yet powerful email automation series, and guess what, it works!

Do you want to better prepare families with a DONE-FOR-YOU email welcome series?

Do you want to increase the initial transaction value and make more money?

Keep reading — I have the series outline below!

These 13 emails will increase the average transaction value (ATV) of new students 
and increase the lifetime value by helping new families get to know your studio better, FASTER!

I give you the exact words to say!!!



Inside this little gem, I share 13 emails including:

👉 Email #01 - Confirmation of Enrollment

👉 Email #02 - What to Bring to Dance Class

👉 Email #03 - Safety First

👉 Email #04 - Meet Our Member Portal

👉 Email #05 - Have you met our team?

👉 Email #06 - Capturing Magical Moments & Lasting Memories

👉 Email #07 - Don't Miss A Beat at [Your Studio Name]

👉 Email #08 - Dance Class is Better with a Friend

👉 Email #09 - Graduate with a Dancing Decade!

👉 Email #10 - Let's Connect on Social Media

👉 Email #11 - The Best Kept Secret in [Your Town]

👉 Email #12 - Our Home is Your Home

👉 Email #13 - See You at [Your Studio Studio]


Is this email series right for you?

✅ If you’re tired of being too overwhelmed by this task that you sit paralyzed and fail to complete it, then this product is for you! 

✅ If you’re ready to automate just one thing this season, then this product is for you!

✅ If you’re gearing up to relaunch your studio and are expecting to welcome more students this year, then this product is for you!

Heck, if you just want to save your breath and stop repeating yourself 100 times, then this product is for you!

Take a Look Inside

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Pick up this plug-and-play solution!
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Imagine if...

Registering families bought their "studio approved" uniform the next day after enrolment just because your automated email told them exactly what they need and how to get it.

Imagine if...

You didn't have to go over all the new health and safety rules and policies with each family, because an automated email did it for you.

Imagine if...

Parents could be introduced to your member portal and how to use it with screenshots and videos a few days after registration and they didn't need to call you to figure out how to access their online account.

Imagine if...

Families were excited about the end of year performance, dance photos and recital videos right from the start and you did't need to "sell" them on it later. 

Imagine if...

Your bring-a-friend process was "baked" right into the welcome email series and new families could share their new experience at the most exciting time.

Imagine if...

You tell parents that dance education is just like school with a graduation process and that results are best seen over a decade and encourage dancers to stay until graduation. 

Imagine if...

You could up the initial transaction value of a new registration by "upselling" birthday parties, camps and workshops and studio rentals at the beginning when customers are most eager to buy.

Imagine if...

All of this could be accomplished and all you had to do was spend an afternoon mastering your email series automation.



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Watch the welcome video, then click the 6 buttons 


Plug and play the emails into your email provider 


Celebrate this quick WIN and watch the system work!

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Pick up this plug-and-play solution!
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Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!